trysil, a ski destination!

Trysil is a ski resort, or ski paradise, for ski fans. With 71 km of slopes in total, and 100 km of cross-country trails.

Last week, we spend a few days there. It was time for me and the kids to practice, (my husband is already quite good) and see the results of our cross-country lessons.
It was great, and on my last day, I could feel some improvements. Finally I'm enjoying skiing.

I didn't need to walk in those hard, heavy boots, because cross-country boots are just like normal winter boots.
I didn't need to carry heavy skis, because cross-country skis are much lighter, and you don't need a helmet. I know, it’s nice up on the mountain, but to get there sometimes you need to ride a T-bar and I don't like that.

So, with my "walking" boots and my light skis, we went into the woods every day and enjoyed the tranquility while skiing, because most of the time the tracks were just for us! One morning I went by myself and while I was there for almost 2 hours, I only met 10 people (if that many). Sometimes I would stop to look back and check if someone was coming, but nobody was; the crowd was going up and down the hills! And if that’s not enough to convince you, with the feeling of a good workout, you can appreciate even more the cozy environment of the "après ski".

From now on, if I have both options, I will choose cross-country. But as for my kids, I'm sure they will go "down hill".

22 February 2014

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