when the sun rises in oslo

Over the last two weeks the days have become cold, icy, dark and short! That's why when the sun does appear going out is a must!

One of these days, a sunny day, during my morning walk I had the chance to watch the sunrise from one of the most beautiful places in Oslo, Aker Brygge!

I couldn't help but sit on an icy bench to admire the view: the pink color reflecting on the water, the sun rising - giving the city a warm feeling!
I was not the only one; people walking to work would stop, stare, and grab their phones to take some pictures. They would smile at me or to the next person doing the same, because no words were needed!
The power of the sun!

As I mentioned the days are short and dark, but the Christmas lights are giving the city a cozy feel so that it's impossible not to get excited about this Season. And that's what I will share with you next time.

As for now enjoy the pictures!

3 December 2014

a photographic journal