søndagsmarkedet på blå

I heard a lot about the loppemarked (flea markets) since I moved here. Apparently it’s something that Norwegians, and foreigners, enjoy.

Every weekend you can find several, so pick one and just stroll, eat some "vafler", and maybe, find something nice to buy.
For my first loppemarked in Norway, I decided to go to Sondagsmarkedet Pa Bla.

After a relaxing tram ride, we walked from Schous Plass, and passed by some really nice "Urban Art" in the streets leading to the market! The street itself is decorated with graffiti from beginning to the end. It’s a very narrow but cozy street, where the smell of waffles provides a very nice welcome.

At the market you can find used or handmade pieces, from wool to canvas, that contrast with the modern "Urban Art" on the walls. It’s a place where creativity leads the way, making it a very special flea market.

And when you're done, have a look at the swan sculpture floating in the creek- I'm sure you'll find it interesting.
If after that you haven't had enough, walk North to Birkelunden. In the same afternoon, we visited our second loppemarked there.

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