quitting my job

After quitting my job 8 years ago, leaving family and friends behind, basically "leaving my comfort zone", to embraced an adventure life abroad with my husband, and now my kids, to find new ways of living.

Currently we live in Oslo, Norway, after some exciting experiences in Switzerland, Sweden and Japan.
As you probably guessed by now, we move quite often, more or less every 3 years, the life as an expats.

There is always good and not so good things everywhere we go, like in everything in life, finding a job was one of that things that revealed been rather not an easy task! Language barriers, though, learning the local language is always a priority for me, at least the basic, the time that takes to settle, from my experience around 6 months, and who is willing to invest in a person that will only stay in the country for while? and last but not the least, family its a priority to me!

But I tried, and during this years I'm on a "mission", to explore new possibilities, new fields, new areas, that could give me the opportunity to do something "location independent".

So, by trying and exploring, photography and web design came along the way, and now I blog, photograph, code, design, and continue to learn to improve my skills and spark my creativity.

My education as nothing to do with this area that I'm now on, but with 40 years old now, I changed my focus and embraced technology!
I didn't grow up with technology side by side like my kids, but I now live side by side with it! I'm not from this generation but I live in it!

When I signed up for the web design course in Tokyo, after a " what can we do?" conversation with a friend, I had no clue what I was going to encounter, the level of difficulty and if would work!
Well, it turned out to be a great challenge and now a passion, and as "one thing leads to another", since then, I'm discovering the world of social media and web design.
My creativity sparked my desire for learning grows more and more, and whats most important to me, I'm intellectual active, building something for myself and get the chance to visually story tell through my photography and design.

As Todd Henry says: "You must define your battles wisely, and build your life around winning them".

If you want to do something new, don't let the "but's" cut the fun of trying it, I assure you, if you look deeper something good will come out of it!

22nd February, 2014

a photographic journal