road trip from oslo to ålesund

Road trip from Oslo to Ålesund

In 4 days we did 1200 km, took around 1000 pictures, stayed in 3 hotels, had plenty of picnics, took 5 ferries, passed through around 20 tunnels (one was the longest in the world at 25 km) saw snow, sun and rain, 6 Stave churches and reindeer on top of an icy lake.

This was a trip planned on a whim and with only a week’s advance notice. The unexpected is always fun (well, most of the time)!

Norway is known for its mountains, glaciers and deep coast fjords, and you are not let down when you travel to see it. During 20 hours of driving, you can't afford to get distracted for a moment, because you would for sure miss something interesting.

After the first picnic at the Holsfjorden, we started going up the mountain and the fun began. Going through tunnels with minimum light that looked like they were not finished (after 2 or 3 you get used to it) we arrived at the top and witnessed impressive mountains still covered with snow and a clear blue sky. Then the first fjord appeared: like in the pictures, the green of the trees and the water is amazing. So are the stately mountains that stand side by side along the fjord. The experience is unique!

But there was more to come: a few Stave churches, which are an important part of Norway's architectural heritage, and a cruise on the Naerøyfjord which is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2005 – coincidentally the boat was empty, and just for us, although it was not planned that way. The Sunset in Ålesund, a cozy night in a hotel from 1897 and the National Day spent on the road, passing through small villages and witnessing people celebrating whilst dressed in the Norwegian traditional costume were a few of the treasures we experienced.

The whole trip was fantastic, even with the long hours we spent in the car with two small kids (though I must say they were very good), and it’s worth it. There was not much time to spend in each place, because there was much more to see ahead.

I hope my pictures can express better than words can do. And if you are planning to visit Norway or live here, this is a trip to plan!

Thank you for reading!

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