Den Norske Opera & Ballett, September 2013

Knowing that Den Norske Opera & Ballett is one of the main Oslo attractions, I decided to take a guided tour through the house. Every time I enter a place like this, where architecture meets culture, I really wish I could be part of it! The Operahuset in Oslo, is one such place.

I arrived ahead of time, so I could begin by enjoying the general environment, and walk around, not least to the top of the building. I ended up at the cafeteria, with a coffee and a relaxing view of the fjord.

The tour began with a brief explanation about the history of the house and its construction. Then we started strolling through the amazing corridors and stairwells. Created with so much detail and artisanship, it makes you feel you are in another reality. It was a very challenging construction, so much so that the guide mentioned the builders were cursing the architect's creativity.

I was especially lucky, and got to watch an ongoing ballet performance for 5 minutes. The piece was "In the World of Fokine", performed by Ballett Russes with Stravinsky music, which premiered on September 28, 2014.

Then we moved to the factory, where stage sets and costumes are made and prepared. We got a glimpse of one of the ballet studios, and I could imagine dancers practicing. We passed through the offices and down to the basement, where they keep and build the sets. When we finished the tour, I immediately thought that I would like do it again, because during that hour, I felt part of a place full of creativity

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