Norwegian Rain, a brand "Made in Norway"

Moving to a country were winter is very cold, with a lot of snow and rain, can be frustrating, particularly when it comes to dressing up.
Thinking I will probably need a coat to go out during half of the year, finding the "right" coat has been a challenge since I found out we were moving to Oslo.

I got the solution to my quest, when I recently saw a friend wearing the nicest raincoat I have seen in years.
She told me the brand was Norwegian Rain, based in Bergen, here in Norway. As soon I got home, I did my research"

I immediately surrendered to the concept and design created by designer and bespoke tailor, T-Michael, and the business founder and creative director, Alexander Helle.
This brand was built with two important things in mind: weather, since Bergen is one of the rainiest cities in Europe, and Japanese sensibility and life.
I loved particularly this part of the concept, as I truly admire the Japanese culture, such as the food, the onsens, and kimonos!
I took a visit to the Oslo Norwegian Rain store, and found a place full of style and some unexpected decoration details.

I didn't just try some of the stylish rain coats, I also had a nice and interesting conversation with the friendly salesperson.
During our chat, I expressed my point of view that just a few brands are doing trendy clothes for really cold weather. Her answer was clear and to the point: "because it's expensive to create materials that are light, warm, water-proof, breathable, and windproof. There's a lot that you need to take into consideration, and not that many countries have this type of weather, so it's difficult to grow in the market".
I guess she knows exactly how things are and that is why finding the right coat wasn’t an easy task… up until now!

24 October 2014

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