awesome snowkiting

I'm not a "no fear" person, on the contrary most of the time, I tend to be on the safe side of things!
And when it comes to radical sports, even more so.
Sometimes I wish I would be more daring, for example to try snowkiting.

The place we stayed in Bergsjøstølen during New Years Eve, is located just by a lake. During winter it freezes and becomes the Kite Camp playground.
Apparently the location is perfect, because there is a lot of wind and the lake is big enough to glide around, or up and down the surrounding hills.

It was pretty impressive, and entertaining, to watch these guys (among them some girls…)chasing the wind, gliding in the snow and jumping in the air.
It's definitely something awesome to try if you like radical sports.

29 January 2014

a photographic journal