Best known for the fortress built in 1567 by King Fredrik II, Fredrikstad is a cozy beautiful city.
When we arrived, the first thing we came across, was a second hand market: the Frimarked i Gamlebyen.

I immediately went straight to check the vinyl records. Holding them brings me nice memories, my parents used to have a lot at home, usually the latest hits.
I really find technology amazing, the idea of a small piece of aluminum containing hundreds of songs is fantastic and very convenient, but vinyl records convey different emotions. I could have spent much more time just in that section of the market, the choice was big and very good, but it was time to have lunch.

There are quite a few cozy and charming places to eat, ours had a great environment and nice simple food.
The colorful wooden houses in the old town captured my attention, its something you will remenber after visiting the old town.

But Fredrikstad is also a summer city, considered a "coastal el Dorado", a destination where you can combine a number of different activities by the sea, rivers, fields or forest.
And very close by you'll find the Hvaler area, where you can drive from island to island all to way to Skærhalden, where you can choose between lying on the beach and Pizza with live music.

10 August 2013

a photographic journal