Norsk Folkmuseum Oslo

Boy dressed in old costume.

Bakery house

The Gol Stave Church, from 1200.

Since we moved abroad, visiting museums became a more regular activity for us. For various reasons, we tend to go to the same museum more than once; we go when friends come to visit us, or because with kids you never get to really enjoy it properly the first (or second) time, and because some of them often have great activities for kids.

The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is one of those regular destinations.
It's the largest in Norway, and it's an Open-air museum, which makes it perfect for a good day outdoors.

There, you get to see and explore how people lived in Norway from 1500 until now. Some of the houses, from centuries ago, were reconstructed there, and as you go in you may see women, men or kids, dressed in old costumes and doing activities like in the old days. It's amazing!

The last time we went, there was a chance to try a bread in the bakery house, made in a very old way and baked by the fire, as you can see in the picture. It was so good that I went there 3 times to buy more.

One of my favorite buildings is a church from 1200, the Gol Stave Church. It was demolished in 1880 and re-erected in 1885 in Bygdoy (museum location) by orders of King Oscar II. It's a truly remarkable piece of craftsmanship.

Let's see what we will experience next time!

6 May 2014

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