it's a beautiful fall...

I'm not always prone to carrying my camera, even though my cameras are small and light!
During this time of the year, the weather is very unpredictable, with rain, sunshine, clouds, and wind all happening within just a couple of hours.

So, if I do go out without the camera, I know I will regret it!

However, all these weather changes makes this season a great time to take pictures.
What is it that makes the scenery so unique? Is it the color of the leaves? Or the sun sneaking back after a rainy day?

As fall seems to be coming to a close, I want to share with you how it looks when the leaves start to fall, but before the snow comes.

Take a look at the pictures I'm sharing with you today, and imagine all these scenarios during spring: all green, during summer (well in Norway all green as well) and winter: all white! These seasons are beautiful too, but the fall colors are amazing. I mean, it's hard to believe that the same leaf can go from green to red!

What about you? What is your favorite season?

19 November 2014

a photographic journal