I know I promised some pictures from the city with all its beautiful Christmas lights, but, as it is time to write cards to family and friends, who doesn't love to receive a postcard? I thought I might inspire you to write!

Last Christmas when looking for some postcards to send family and friends abroad, I bought the most beautiful/cool ones. They show a different Norway from the classic postcards. The lucky ones receiving them wrote me back to thank me for the wishes but also mentioned how nice the postcard was!

This year I found out more about the brand, and completely surrendered to their designs and concept.

Mona Larson, the designer, works in a old way with pencil, brush, paper and ink to make illustrations inspired by "Norwegian Nostalgia". The result are beautiful illustrations with a vintage style from Norwegian details in postcards and posters.

So next time you need to send/give a card or a souvenir from Norway, I definitely recommend checking Emmeselle. Though I recommend you to go with time to spare, because the choice can be difficult.

Enjoy, and send some cards with love this Holidays!

"Christmas is time to give and receive."

17 December 2014

a photographic journal