Drøbak, May 2013

I'm sure I will come across more lovely towns and places during our time in Norway, but Drøbak will be the one to be remembered as the first town we visited and loved.

Just one hour by car from Oslo, Drøbak is full of cozy cafes, restaurants,and really cool shops and boutiques (believe me, it's difficult to leave the town without buying anything). The famous Julehuset, which means The Christmas House, was unfortunately closed,as it wasn't the right time of the year,but that gives us a good excuse to go back again.

There is a nice atmosphere in Drøbak. As we strolled around, we enjoyed and admired the nicest wooden houses, in various colours, walked by the sea and had a great lunch with a view of the fjord.
This is mainly a "summer town", partly because they say that "the sun always shines in Drøbak.

But during the winter, especially from November to December, the Christmas atmosphere attracts many visitors, either to visit the Julehuset or just to leave a letter to Santa at the Santas Post Office right next door!

5 May 2013

a photographic journal