Dog Sledding

Normally on the last day of the year, I like to do something that will make me feel happy, or in other words, that will give me the sense that I'm "closing" the year well.
And this year, even with no plan in advance, it turned out to be a really good ending.
We tried, for the very first time, dog sledding in Bergsjøstølen.

I was really excited about it, but I must confess, when I saw the dogs and the sled where I would need to seat with my child, I got nervous.
I had my camera with me, but the idea of taking pictures while riding completely vanished from my mind during the first moments.

We sat just a few centimeters above the snow and started going. I was tense, but after 1 or 2 minutes, my body started to relax and I said:"this is sooo nice".
It's relaxing ( my son even fell asleep for a while… ), it's fun, and the scenery was breath-taking.
It's one of the most wonderful things we've done, even taking into account the incident of losing a glove after tilting the sled on a slope.

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