Cruising inner Oslo Fjord

I did this mini-cruise in the inner Oslo fjord last fall, and it was absolutely beautiful.
As lately the sun is starting to come out more often, I thought of sharing these photos with you, as inspiration for future activities!

If you check the Oslo guide books, doing a cruise in the inner Oslo fjord is a "must do",and I completely agree!
It felt like a mini adventure, with historical flavour and modern views!
We hopped on a traditional sailing ship on a cold but sunny day.
During the cruise, we sat on the roof of the boat (highly recommended…), and for one hour and a half, we felt the cold wind on our faces; with a cup of coffee to warm up our hands, we contemplated the magnificent view of the fjord.

We saw both the old and new Oslo!
It's a great way to have another perspective on famous city features like the Oslo City Hall, the Opera House, Bygdøy Peninsula and Aker Brygge.

18 March 2014

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