Learning cross-country ski

Skiing in Norway: "it's cultural".
When the snow arrives, Oslo transforms into a mix of "ski resort", and normal city life style.
During snow season, people here trade their sport bags for skis. As I go out to run errands or pick up my kids, it's quite normal to come across people fully equipped for a trek in the mountains, including their skis over their shoulder.

They take the car, bus or subway, and off they go, especially after work and on weekends.
Every time I talk with a Norwegian about this, the main reply that I get is: " it’s something that you have to do when you are a kid, and it goes with you all your life!" Of course, there are exceptions, but not many.

This weekend I had my first cross-country lessons! I know how to alpine ski, but I had never tried cross-country, which requires a completely different technique! I want to learn, first, so I can do it properly, second, to be part of something so deep in this country's culture, and third because is a great work out.

Saturday morning I took the subway, with many others carrying their skis and walking in their cross-country shoes. After 35 minutes, I arrived at my spot.

As you can see in the first 5 pictures, the weather was perfect on the first day. It contributed a lot to my motivation!! On Sunday the scenario was unfortunately quite different. Even to the last minute, I expected the teacher to call and cancel the lesson. But no, as they say: "there is no bad weather, just bad clothes"".

I learned and had fun both days. I didn't dare to bring my camera with me, because managing not to fall when learning turned out to be an impossible mission, and, as expected I did fall, several times. But I took my iPhone to keep a photographic record of the experience.

Now I think I'm a bit more prepared to go to the tracks and do my best, and keep pace with my husband and kids.
11 February 2012

a photographic journal