Camping on a heavy rainy day, June 2013

There are a lot of places for camping around Oslo, but doing it on an island has a special "taste", especially because I'm a foreigner and it was only my second time camping. Looking back I have no doubt we will do it again, but not on a day with heavy rain.

After waiting for several hours for the rain to stop, we finally got in the boat and made our way to Håøya.
The sky was still threatening more rain though and when we were about to reach the island, it started pouring, again.
Luckily however, from around 5pm, the sky cleared and we had good weather for the remaining time.

And it was worth it. The green landscape that surrounded us contrasted with the clear blue fjord water, and adding fresh made coffee and a very nice breakfast, erased the memory of the previous the day.

We amused ourselves with a typical Norwegian water activity: fishing crabs followed by crab racing.

Our way back was far more enjoyable. We even saw some goats making their way through the island to relax and enjoy green leaves by the water.

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