the cabin or "hytte"

Going to a cabin, or "hytte," (pronounced hutta), is a quintessential Norwegian experience.
Normally a hytte is located in the middle of the woods, high in the mountains, and at least two or more hours drive from key cities. It is considered a place to relax, a get away from the city, where you can enjoy nature and be alone.

And this was exactly what I experienced at this beautiful place up in the mountains, where no sounds could be heard almost all day, apart from the three kids that were with us.

The second and third photo that you can see here, are the sunset and sunrise, respectively. And they are in that order because it shows you exactly what we saw when we arrived, and when we woke up the next day.

From what I heard and saw, some cabins can be quite "simple": no electricity, no water, with the toilet outside the cabin (like the one in the fourth picture). That may be traditional, but for many, like myself, it would not be conducive to relaxing.

You can now guess, that our cabin was more the type of what can be called, "modern cabin,": with heating, water, a toilet in the cabin, and even a small tv.

We had a long walk in the mountains, where we came across the first snow of the season, enjoyed a warm cup of tea and stopped a few times just to enjoy the limitless view.
After that, returning to the coziness of the cabin brings a smile to your soul.

And now have a look at this video. It will give you a more accurate (and funny) perspective, about what a cabin is for a Norwegian.
It's a song called "The Cabin" from Ylvis, the Norwegian brothers that made "The Fox" song a hit.

20 October 2013

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